Into this catalog You will find our proposal of articles and colours for season, but all our customers know We can satisfy their needs of any new article or colour of any article of split.

Here are some articles you usually make.

  • Suede split and vitello split.
  • Suede split english and nobuck.
  • Waxy split.
  • Suede split with special resistances as waterproof, fireproof and abrasion resistance.
  • Pigmented split in differents tacts, engravings and glitters.
  • Pull-up in differents tacts, engravings and glitters.
  • Suede split printed, laminated, metallized or contrasting.
  • Suede split for insole and reinforcement.
  • Butts full grain vegetable natural.
  • Butts full grain vegetable finished.
  • Butts full grain vegetable milled.
  • Butts full grain vegetable nobuck.
  • Butts full grain vegetable waxy.

In addition, currently produce other items, some of them very special and tailored to customer needs.

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