Despell S.A. is a Tannery located in Igualada (Barcelona).

Despell specialises in the production of  bovine split and full grain butts to the medium-high to high range footwear and leather goods sectors, exporting over 80% of production.

From its beginnings on 1983 until today, it has gradually modernised its facilities, extending its production capacity and implementing new management and control systems with the aim of offering to its clients quality, quantity, flexibility, and excellent prices. Our new Company is presently producing articles in the facilities that were put into operation in 1997, and which cover a surface area of more than 10,000 m2.

As main avantages of our Company excels its flexibility developping articles following needs of customers, mainly quick response and good organisation permiting to follow delivery dates on time, keeping a strict control of quality.

Into this web site You will find some proposals of articles and colours, but all our customers know We can satisfy their needs of any new article or colour of any article of split.

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